I continue to market Sonic Sound as a DJ service that provides personal attention in a professional manner.  I continue to provide the musical entertainment that my customers want to hear.  Being the owner, as well as the operator, my clients know what they are getting.  Most services act as an agency with multiple systems and multiple DJs, with Sonic Sound DJ Service you never have to worry about who will show up.  No more DJ of the day!  You meet me, you book me, your get me!  Wow what a concept.  The sole owner DJ service has gone the way of the corner drug store, the small guy pushed out by the big chains thus eliminating the service that everyone wishes they had.  Well, I have survived and will continue to offer great service a reasonable price!
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I founded Sonic Sound DJ Service in 1986 while attending school at Southern Connecticut State University.  Being a communications major I found myself to be somewhat of a natural at this business.  Eventually graduating from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Communications, I continued to own and operate Sonic Sound DJ Service and to this day, a mere seventeen years later.  Wow! How time does fly.  When I first started this business I had two turntables and bunch of 45's.  Things then shifted to tapes, then CD's and now MP3's.